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What makes the Smart Soil Survey…Smart?

Smart is connected.
Deliver your data to the platforms and hardware needed to get the job done.  APIs with Climate and JD get the data off the shelves and in the cab.  With flexible and portable file formats you can get your soil maps into every farm management software.

Smart is high tech.
Instead of relying on last century’s technology, new and adapted soil sensors are used.

Smart is an open platform.
We believe many different soil sensors have a place in precision ag, but all soil sensors also benefit from the quality control review and ground-truthing provided by the Smart Soil Survey™

Smart is simple.
The keys to the castle of precision ag should not be held only by those willing to sit through a three day software training.  Writing variable rate prescriptions should be as easy a mouse click.  Well, three mouse clicks.

Smart is well-trained.
All Smart Soil Survey™ providers have been trained, tested and certified as qualified operators of their sensor platform.

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